What Is A Solid Ragdoll Cat?

What is a Solid Ragdoll Cat?

Solid Ragdoll Cats are the darkest and highest contrast of all the ragdolls.  Sepia, Mink, and Traditional Ragdolls all have varying shades of color throughout their coat.  A solid does not have this variation, so a Black and White solid will have the strong bright white contrast against the rich dark black coloring.  Solid Ragdolls can have any eyecolors with the most common being Green, Blue, Gold, Hazel, Jeweled, and Green Gray.  Here is a picture (Black and White Solid Ragdoll Pictured):

     Black Calico Solid Ragdoll Cat  Black Mitted Solid Ragdoll Kitten

   Chocolate Calico Solid Ragdoll Cat  Blue Mitted Solid Ragdoll Cat

Silver Mitted Lynx Solid Ragdoll Cat   Solid White Ragdoll Cat