What Is A Mink Ragdoll Cat?


What is a Mink Ragdoll Cat?

Mink Ragdolls, Sepia Ragdolls, and Solid Ragdolls are rare types of Ragdolls that are TICA registered papered Ragdolls just like Traditional Ragdolls.  Mink Ragdolls, Sepia Ragdolls and Solid Ragdolls have the same body style, temperment, and personality of Traditional Ragdolls.

What are the differences between a Mink Ragdoll and a Traditional Ragdoll?

Mink Ragdolls have a thicker plusher coat than Traditional Ragdolls often with an extremely plush tail.  Minks have Aqua colored eyes (sea blue green) instead of the blue Traditional Ragdolls have.   Minks also have a richer colored more eye catching coat than Traditional Ragdolls.

Do Mink Ragdolls shed more than Traditional Ragdolls?

In our experience Mink Ragdolls do not shed more than Traditional Ragdolls but Minks do usually require a little more brushing in the spring in climates with extreme temperature changes between summer and winter.

How can I tell a Mink Ragdoll from a Traditional Ragdoll?

Mink Ragdolls are born with their color and have Aqua colored eyes by the time they are 12 weeks old.  Traditional Ragdolls are born completely white and start slowly aquiring their color starting around 4 to 14 days old.  Aqua eyes can vary from blue with just a small hint of green to almost fully green eyes but the most common is a very even blue green as pictured below (Seal Mitted Mink Ragdoll Pictured):

 Aqua Aquamarine Eyes Eyed Seal Mitted Mink Ragdoll Kitten     Seal Mitted Mink Ragdoll Cat

What kittens do I get when a Mink Ragdoll is bred to a Traditional Ragdoll?

Resulting kittens are 1/2 Minks and 1/2 Traditionals

What kittens do I get when a Mink Ragdoll is bred to another Mink Ragdoll?

Resulting kittens of a Mink Ragdoll to a Mink Ragdoll breeding is 1/4 Traditional Kittens, 1/4 Minks, and 1/2 Sepia Ragdolls